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Good Vibes and Love for Nature - Project Multiversum

The story of project Multiversum begins in a magical place in the South of Argentina set in the savage landscape of Patagonia surrounded by the Andes mountains, breathtaking lakes and forests. In this picturesque surrounding the climate is very extreme and dry, the sun is burning during the day but at night the temperature drops and you need a jacket or a poncho to keep you warm. An ideal place for grape growing, Patagonia as well as Mendoza are incredible wine regions of Argentina that are famous for exquisite wines that are renowned worldwide.

El Bolsón is a "hippie chic" village of Patagonia in latitude 42º South where the grapevines receive from nature all the energy and expression of its intense climate and terroir. This is where our first wine was born a Pinot Noir - Chardonnay that we co-fermented because the two grapes grew side by side in the vineyard under the same conditions. Pablo Quiroga has been living in El Bolson for many years where he owns a shop dedicated to natural wine and artisanal products to support a natural environment and the local farmers. Fascinated with ancestral biodynamic practices, Pablo believes in the ecosystem as an entity and has been a vegetarian by choice who loves to cook with local organic ingredients all his life and studied Chinese medicine and herbal therapy.

I actually met Pablo during my time living in Mendoza where I collaborated in the winery and biodynamic vineyard of the prestigious Catena Family. As I am Swiss I am used to the mountains and cold weather; however, it was a big change for me to live in nature after the concrete jungle of London where I studied media communication and journalism in university gaining a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts before I decided to move to Argentina to get a sommelier title from Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers and live my passion for organic and natural wine.

When Pablo and I met we immediately had a special bond as he is a passionate young winemaker with an untiring thirst for life and immense love for natural wine. Pablo supports the natural raw wine movement with a die-hard spirit only to drink organic, biodynamic and natural wines with low interference in the natural process. He is a nature-boy that always transmits a positive lifestyle and is a strong believer in love and friendship. At that time Pablo made a wine called Solo el Amor Salvará al Mundo “Only Love Will Save the World” which I thought was very original. It was clear that we have to partner up and make natural wine together to create a better world with our passion and creativity. In Mendoza, we looked for a tasty blend that would best express the terroir of the region and Multiversum Coupage was born from organic Malbec, Bonarda and Syrah grapes.

The name Multiversum emerged after many deep conversations where we decided that there must be more than meets the eye and we believe that we are in a multiverse where we are all connected. We think that each terroir is unique but worldwide we share a common goal to produce the most authentic and enjoyable wine that will bring people together and spread joy.

With the roots in Argentina we then ventured on to continue Project Multiversum in Spain, where Pablo also has a shop in an organic market in Girona in latitude 42º North. The dream of two harvests a year came true when Pablo introduced me to DO Empordà, a stunning place for winegrowing in Catalunya on the border to France with the Pyrenees to the North and the influence from the Mediterranean Sea to the South. In this breathtaking region, there is a charming little village called Biure where the natural way of farming without any use of herbicides or pesticides is still intact since generations and the sanity of the grapes is incredible. The climate is favorable as there is a strong wind called “Tramontane” which reduces the risk of pests and is beneficial for healthy vines. We decided to make high quality wines that are fruit-driven and very well-balanced under the Multiversum label there. The grape varieties planted have adapted wonderfully to the region and the grapevines produce thick juicy grapes that are superb for making natural wine without filtering, without adding sulfites or any other ingredients - all natural, just as nature intended. With that spirit, we made a Merlot Rosé, a true Syrah, an exciting natural Chardonnay and an Orange Coupage with a prolonged skin-contact of the Garnaxta, Xarel-Lo and Malvasía grapes typical for the region. This year we will continue producing tasty and avant-garde wines in Spain and Argentina.

Pablo and I live for joy and love, believe that natural wine is a one-way trip and is good for the heart and soul. We swim against the mainstream of commercial wine and have decided to share this positive and true philosophy with the world because in moderate consumption this type of wine without artificial additives contains natural properties and is healthy and good for the consumers.

Let’s conquer the hearts of people everywhere with natural wine from Argentina and Spain!

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